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Top Business Schools in Asia

Today, Asia stands for 60% of the world’s population, where China and India count for more than 2.3 billion consumers with increasing purchasing power. Asia has emerged as the destination of first choice when it comes to management education. With the global economy in the despair, the competition to enter business schools is growing far more intense as students look to escape the dire job market and improve their probability of getting a well paying position. Earning an MBA degree can provide business-schoolgraduates within an increased salary, a vast network of industry contacts and new opportunities-but the extent of these carer benefits can vary significantly depending on the school.  
For years Asians interested in entering the best business schools had little choice but to head to the west. Now, despite the fact that business school throughout Asia are trying to become more competitive with top schools in the US and Europe, B-schools in China, Hong Kong, South Korea and other par…